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Our Mission

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To welcome

The Marian Centre is committed to the Gospel values of love, peace and justice.  Through our service to others and by recognising the value and infinite worth of each and every person, we proclaim the Gospel.

To share with others

As Christians we cannot help but follow the instruction of the Risen Lord to “Go out into the whole world and make disciples of all nations.

We call ourselves a Centre for Evangelisation to keep our minds focused on this mission of the Catholic Church.  Our prayer is that we will play our part in the new evangelization and effectively share the Love of God, poured out in Jesus.

We model ourselves on Mary, who was the first to share Jesus with the world.

To praise God

Mary praised God even in the midst of incredible turbulence in her life.  We too know that we can only find strength for the journey by taking time to magnify God.

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